How To Be Good Dog Neighbor

As a dog owner, you want others to like your dog but it’s easy to get off on the wrong foot with your neighbors especially if they have little experience with dogs. It’s up to you to be a conscientious dog owner so that others can appreciate your pet like you do.

  • Keep Your Neighborhood Dog-Friendly

There are things that can frustrate people in your community about your dog if you’re not careful. Here are some things that you absolutely must do to maintain a dog-friendly neighborhood.

Keep your compound clean.

No one wants to live in a messy or waste-filled compound. Even if you take your dog out in quick, be sure to clean up right away. Don’t leave a “graveyard” of chewed up dog toys either.

Prevent “scares.”

Make sure your dog doesn’t run up and scare people, even from behind a fence. It can be a stressful encounter for passersby, especially children. Either keep him away from the fence or build a fence further back from the street.

Minimize uncontrolled barking.

There’s a difference between a playful bark and a dog that barks all night. Obviously, you want to solve this issue but be aware whenever your dog is trying to communicate a problem. Ask your vet for help if you need it.

Give him a space of his own.

My Happy Dog recommends that you set up an area just for him with dog toys, blankets, and pillows. Some dogs even like their crates. This will provide him a safe place to go when he is stressed out.

● Spay and neuter your dog.

This will help curb his – or her – behavior and help him feel more comfortable. Besides, you probably don’t want to be responsible for a litter of puppies in your neighborhood.

Keep him healthy.

This includes knowing the health risks for his breed, keeping up to date with vaccines, preventing ticks and other parasites, and annual vet visits. This article from American Kennel Club has a complete list on how to keep your dog healthy and safe.

Train your dog.

Obedience training can help your dog learn manners but teaching him to respect others is your job too. Learn how to socialize a puppy at The Spruce.

Safety in the Park

Taking your dog for an outing is fun, especially if you live in an area with lots of parks. Safety at the park is an important part of etiquette too. Follow these guidelines:

Use ID tags when walking your dog.

If your dog doesn’t have a tag and gets lost, he could be in serious trouble so always make sure he’s wearing them. You can even get him a tracker so you can find him if he gets lost.

Supervise your dog.

Just because you are in the park and he is on a leash doesn’t mean you don’t have to keep an eye on him. If you are walking with a friend or pushing a stroller, you might not be aware of what he’s doing. Also, make sure you don’t let out too much leash. If you are out of sight, he can scare people or other dogs.

● Clean up any messes.

Make sure you come armed with enough gear to clean up even unexpected messes. (Everyone gets upset stomach sometimes!)

Always use a leash.

Obviously, your dog should be on a leash but some dogs might require or feel better with a harness. Talk to your vet about whether this is a good idea for your dog.

Raising a dog to be a good neighbor is not difficult but it takes effort and planning. Both you and your dog will find it’s well worth the effort.

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