How to register your dog online in Shanghai!

Before you register your dog online make sure you have:

  • Your passport
  • A valid visa
  • Your address in Chinese
  • Dog immunization card
  • Landlords year of property certificate (Photo reference below)
  • Number of property certificate (Photo reference below)
  • The apartment contract must mention it’s pet friendly (photo reference below)
  • If your dog is neutered, have the certificate on hand to get 50% off. If you do NOT have this you can still register.

Helpful tips:

  • Inside the inner ring, the normal registration fee is 500RMB, but with a neuter certificate, it will be 250RMB.
  • Outside the inner ring, the price is 300RMB, but with a neuter certificate, it will be 150RMB.
  • If your submission gets rejected, you can immediately submit another registration application.
  • After approval, please pay the dog management fee within 3 days or the approval will be canceled.
  • After application approval and payment of the dog registration fee, the dog license will be sent out 5-10 days to your address if you choose delivery; if you choose pick-up, please go to the local police station filled on your application form to pick up your license after 10-15 days after payment.
  • You can only register one dog per household.

Step One:

  • Find & follow the official WeChat account 麦道
  • Click the menu option 我的
  • Click the 办证年审 option from the list

Step two:

  • Enter your phone number
  • Enter in the code sent by SMS
  • If you have already registered a dog before entering in immunization certificate number and Bio-Tag ID number for the previous profile to pop up. If not click add pet 添加宝贝.

Step three:

  • Fill out the following information

Prepare your documents to upload 1. Photo of passport 2. Photo of valid visa 3. The page of property ownership certificate number 4. The page of owner information of property ownership

5. Apartment contract/ must mention pet friendly

6. Neuter Certificate (not mandatory)

Document examples below in order of 1-6

Below for the Tenancy agreement we attached two photos together as you can only upload one. This one photo shows:

The title of the document “Tenancy Agreement”

Both signatures of the landlord and renter

The apartment is pet friendly

Step four:

  • See an overview of your order
  • Choose pick up (white button 自取) or delivery option (blue button 快递)
  • If you choose delivery you will pay a 15 RMB payment now. This will be returned to you if your application gets rejected.
  • Click the red button to submit for approval
  • You will get a WeChat message from the official account when approved. Once approved click the message to complete the final payment.

At Spare Leash, we ask all pet owners to register their dogs according to local laws and for the safety of the dog. Once your registration has been approved make sure to log in your Spare Leash account to update your pet owners’ profile.

Scan to log in!

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