How to treat Fleas and Ticks Naturally

Okay, so this is a big one for me. I am a freak when it comes to choosing my skin products and I am the same way about my dog’s products. I don’t use anything with more than 4 ingredients in it and those ingredients better have words I can pronounce.

Products like to use keywords like “All Natural” “Green” “Eco-Friendly” etc. But, if you turn these products around there is a laundry list of ingredients and half of them sound like words from far away universes. So, with flea season upon us I thought it would be beneficial to all the pup owners and share natural alternatives to chemical flea repellents and treatments.

Lemony Fresh!

Lemon works great as a natural flea & tick-repellent. To make your new go-to -repellent you are going to want to cut a lemon in to quarters, adding it to boiling water and letting it steep overnight. The following morning take the cooled lemon water and add it to a spray bottle and voila’! You have a perfect and NATURAL lemon flea-repellent. You want to make sure to spray it in target spots behind the ears, around his tail and under his legs. Your dog will be itch free and smelling like a juicy lemon. It’s a win win!

Please note that if sprays make your dog anxious just drip the solution on his coat and pet it through. It will feel like a doggy day spa massage!

The Miracle Vinegar: Apple Cider

Oh boy do I love this stuff. Not only does it have endless health benefits to humans, but it can also help your pooch! This flea-repellent is a super easy solution. You just do one-part water to one-part apple cider vinegar. Mix it all up; put it in a spray bottle and boom! Be gone fleas! I recommend the brand Bragg. It’s organic, unfiltered and high-quality apple cider vinegar.

After you give your dog a spritz you can make an apple cider vinegar elixir for yourself. Fill a shot glass with Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar, pour it in a cup and then mix in a tablespoon of warmed raw honey and drink away. Your gut and your dog will thank you!

Time to take a Dip… in a Rosemary Flea Bath

With the summer months approaching fast fleas are out in full force. During this season you should be doing everything to prevent fleas from vacationing on your pooch. This all-natural rosemary flea dip is the perfect prevention or solution to fleas.

Steep two cups of fresh rosemary in boiling water for 30 minutes. Strain the liquid, throw away the remaining leaves, and add up to a gallon of warm water (depending on the size of your pup). Let the solution cool, but still warm enough so it’s comfortable for your dog.

You can make it easy on yourself and do it when you give your dog a bath. Do your regular bath time routine and when finished pour the warm rosemary water all over your dog. Make sure to have enough, so you can get every nook and cranny. After he has been soaked you will have to let them dry naturally. Lay out a nice warm towel, I suggest heating one up in your dryer beforehand and then having them lay on top of it. To keep them steady during the drying process I suggest sitting with them and periodically feeding them treats. They will soon love the dips if they know the ending involves you being a vending machine of yummies!

Now that we have covered how to get rid of them, here are the main places to spray.

Image courtesy of PetMD

Other options?

If you have tried the all natural remedies and prefer a vet recommended prevention medicine speak to our verified vet partner AVC here on our site. They can help answer any questions you might have and also all Spare Leash users get 10% off on all of the brands they carry below:

AVC Flea & Tick prevention medication / SL users get 10% off

Here is to an itch free summer!

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