New dog walking rules and regulations…

Hey pet peeps! To make sure your pet is safe at all times we have set in place some new mandatory guidelines for both pet owners and pet sitters when using our dog walking service.

Register your dog

  • Registering your dog is not just a Spare Leash recommendation, it’s the law.
  • If you’re wondering how to do this please learn more about how to register your dog online and click here.

Invest in proper dog walking accessories

  • This includes a fitted collar or harness and a leash. Taking the time to learn about pet accessories and what works best for your dog could avoid major accidents or even save your dog’s life.
  • Poop bags. Please make sure to have doggy bags that you can take with you on your walk. Spare Leash has! Contact us to purchase your doggy bags today.

If you are in need of a collar, harness, or leash check out our verified partner XOLO for more information on discounts for Spare Leash members.

Be prepared, wear proper identification

  • Every time you leave the house with your dog ensure that they’re wearing ID tags.
  • Make sure tags are up to date with name, address, phone number. To be safe you might want to think about going to the vet and getting a microchip.

If you are in need of an ID tag for your pet please contact us today and we would be happy to order one for you.

Meet & Greet

  • Make sure to leave enough time for a meet and greet with your dog walker before the walks start allowing your dog and the sitter to meet and get comfortable with each other before they head out and about.
  • During this time also share some tips on what your dog likes and dislikes while walking.

To learn more about what a meet & greet includes read more here.

Above are new regulations set in place for the safety of pets, pet owners, and pet sitters. Following the rules and guidelines will allow us to maximize safety and minimize accidents. For more information on Spare Leash or our safety plans contact us today or learn more here!

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