Spare Leash Launches an Online Store!

Why a store, you might ask? It’s simple; at Spare Leash we are committed to providing you with the safest pet services and products. 

Our efforts to create a safe pet community, plan monthly events and meet your pet-sitting & walking requests, have allowed us to capture a variety of issues and questions over the years. Popular topics include, but not limited to, fresh pet food, pet health remedies, pet tags, grooming, accessories, toys, etc. Some questions we could easily answer thanks to our verified pet partners, while others have required research and experience. 

Pet owners shouldn’t have to shop and then do more research, we want to limit concerns on whether the food or product they are purchasing is the real deal. We have developed a strong network of trusted pet professionals which continues to grow. These valued relationships allow us to maintain a level of education to ensure we respond to your questions and recommend products that prioritizes your pet’s safety. 

The SL store conveniently connects you to the trusted products we have vetted and eliminates the need for you to spend valuable time researching products, we have done the work for you!

Your pet’s safety is our overriding priority and keeping up to date on trusted, safe products is key.

We are kicking off the launch with two pet brands this week, with many more to come!


Start shopping now! 

Each month we will be adding new brands and exclusive deals! Make sure to scan and save the SL Store Mini Program for easy access!

Along with our verified team of pet sitters, Spare Leash works hard to create partnerships allowing us to introduce our community to high-quality pet brands, services, and products. If you have a pet brand contact us today to learn more!


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