It’s adopt a senior pet month!

November is a very busy pet month! In addition to highlighting #AnimalShelterAppreciationWeek this month with our Shelter Supply Drive this Saturday, November 27th, we are also supporting the “Adopt A Senior Pet” initiative.

They say things get better with age, and that’s very true when it comes to owning a pet! Here to tell us first hand why senior pets rock and why you should consider adopting one is Spare Leash Co-Founder, Erin Leigh. Erin has adopted 3 senior pets, over the last 10 years in China and shares her amazing experience in the interview below 😎👇🏽

Since you connect families with pets that are up for adoption do you always recommend them to adopt seniors as well as young pets? 

I support adopting any and all pets, but when people come to me looking to adopt I have a set of questions that I always ask which helps me sum up their lifestyle. Young pets will take up more of your time, that’s not to say that all senior pets are easy but they do live a slower lifestyle and well just overall more chill. 

When it comes to me after adopting four pups who are now all 4-9 years old; I am at a point in my life where I don’t want to do the whole potty training thing anytime soon ☺️ plus, I am happy I have experience with senior dogs, there is something truly rewarding when you adopt a senior pet.

Puppies and kittens are so cute; that young stage is so amazing, why would someone want to consider adopting a senior pet?

Puppies and kittens are definitely cute, but so is my 13 year old Chihuahua! Of course, adopting a pet at a young age has its perks as they are easier to train in the early stages, but who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

Is the connection or bond the same with an older animal? 

I can 100% confirm that my senior’s were more grateful; if that makes sense? Think about it. These senior pets were all abandoned or placed in shelters after being a part of a family. They know what it was like to be loved. I think the loss they experienced and the trauma of being abandoned leaves a scar that a puppy or kitten hasn’t experienced. 

Below is Erin’s current senior dog Grandma Rosita, otherwise known as Miss Potato. 🥔 Adopted from the amazing people behind Shanghai Animal Rescue. 

Any misconceptions regarding senior pets? 

I think there is a huge misconception that older animals in shelters must have health issues or behavioral problems, when in reality this is not true. The main problem is abandonment. Wait, let me be very clear and say that again. The main problem is not the pet; but the human who abandoned them. Many of these senior pets were once someone’s companion but due to financial restrictions, death, or relocation they find themselves left behind.

What is the one takeaway you hope people learn from reading this interview? 

I hope three things. 

First, when people think adoption they do not only think of puppies and kittens but pets of all ages. All animals have so much to offer and bring so much joy into our lives, it does not matter if the pet is 1 or 11, the love they give will always be unconditional.

Second, adoption doesn’t mean a couple of years but for as long as that animal is capable to live a healthy life. Make sure you are ready and can commit before adopting. If you own a senior pet but need to travel or help at times contact us Spare Leash as we offer in home pet sitting services which the perfect and safe option for senior pet care. 

Lastly, adopt, don’t shop of course!  

We couldn’t just end there! In the spirit of Thanksgiving and November being Adopt a Senipr Pet Month we wanted to share some seniors who are currently looking for forever families!

Take a look below and contact us today to meet them! 👇🏽🐶 # adoptasenior

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