License Renewal & New Features for Dog Owners

With a new year, comes yearly health checks and licensing renewals for all of us dog owners. Thanks to the app 麦道 they have taken the process online allowing us to renew our dog license in just a few steps.

Just like we did with the Dog Online Registration article the Spare Leash team went though the renewal steps first, had some questions, got some answers and have made note of all of our findings here for other dog owners to follow. 

Sadly, at the moment this is only for people in Shanghai. If you know of other cities that are able to register / renew using an app please let us know. We are always trying to stay informed and spread verified pet news as it comes to our attention. 

So let’s break this down for you incase your renewal date for 2022 is quickly approaching.

1. Make a vet appointment 

Visit your vet to get your dogs yearly rabies vaccine and updated immunization card. 

Bring with you: 

  • Your Passport
  • Dogs Passport
  • Dogs old immunization card

Here they will update all of the dogs information, plus snap a new photo of your dog to keep on file in the system for you. 

Dog Registration
Dog Immunization

2. Log in the Official Account 麦道 (Wechat ID: MY_DOGS)

Mydog Annual Renewal

If you have registered your dog online then log into the official account with the phone number associated with your account and they will send you and SMS verification code to log in. 

Mydog App login

3. Review your options 

Once in your dogs information will show up and you have a couple of options…

Annual Renewal: if all of your information is the same as last year then you can click this button to renew. 

Manual Annual Renewal: if you have moved or need to update any information click here and you will need to add in the new information before renewal. 

History: can check previous registrations in your account.  

Add Pet: this app is just to process registration before police review, so you can have multiple pets on a account registered with other people.  

Mydog dog registration

4. Annual Renewal 

We had nothing to change from our previous registration last year so we went with Annual Renewal option. Once you click the button a page will pop up with all of your information to review, then you pay a RMB 15 delivery fee right away and will get a message that your application has been submitted. 

– After submitting our application it took 10 minutes for us to get a WeChat notification from the official account. 

– Message read “Your application has been approved. Please pay ASAP or it will expire in 5 days.” 

– If you do get declined, they will refund you back the RMB 15 immediately and you will need to contact customer support. 

5. Approval & Payment 

Once you complete the payment of RMB 250 via WeChat pay they will send over the new card within 5-10 working days.

Dog Registration

In the mail this year you will get:

-New dog license for 2022.

-Renewal ID tag that you can wear showing that all your information has been updated. 

Dog License
Renewal Certificate

– If the registration number you used last year is no longer valid or able to receive SMS ( if pet owner is currently outside of China…) Then you can contact the customer support at WeChat: 18516183825 to help you update this information. 

-If you lost your QR code or need a new band / rubber strap that supports the QR code on your dogs collar you can purchase them through the official account or customer support. 

-Some of you have asked us about the colors and it is just based on the year you registered your dog. 2020 is a yellow QR code, 2021 is green, and now this year 2022 will be pink. 

QR dog tag

If you find a dog who looks lost wearing the QR code you can now scan this QR code and report the dog missing! 

– Scan the QR

– Report missing dog

– Fill in your location & contact information 

– Once you fill out this information the police are then notified and will contact the owner who the dog is registered under.

Missing dog report

Nothing is stated here and we hope for most of us it’s common sense but after filling in the information if you are able to, please take the dog to safety until the pet owners are reached. If the pet owner took the time to register the dog , then it has a home and is 100% lost not a stray. 

This may take sometime but you have options. First option is your home, most of us have pets but this can be a bathroom, or spare room we just need to get the dog to a  safe place and off the streets. If your home is not an option you can board at a pet shop or vets in area for a low price. Please do not take the dog directly to the police station. 

We know everyone is busy and has things to do but simply reporting the dog missing within the app and then walking away is not enough. 

This is a huge step in the right direction when it comes to reuniting lost dogs with family members and just one more reason why you should register your dog! 

How to register your dog online in Shangahi! 

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