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Working from Home

Support Local – My 5 Favorite Small Businesses in Shanghai

The entrepreneurial culture in Shanghai is pretty amazing. Both from the eyes of an entrepreneur, as well as a consumer…

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Best Pet Sitting Services in China: Our Top Picks

In this article, we list some of the most popular pet-sitting companies in Shanghai and Beijing. If you don’t live in any of these cities, don’t worry. We also present two new platforms that are revolutionizing the pet-sitting market.

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Shanghai Service Innovators : The two E’s of Spare Leash

Congratulations on your recent award from Time Out for Best Leisure Service of the Year! Thank you for agreeing to let us interview you… 

China’s Superwomen 2021 – Making a difference

Green Initiatives’ arduous journey to recognize + celebrate the achievements of all (or as many as we possibly can) women social change-makers and environmental champions in our community, that began last year, continues…

Boss Lady Spotlight; Erin Leigh

In this article we take the time to sit down with the Founder of Spare Leash and how she got started…

Coding Lady | “It’s nice and comfortable to work in tech.

After two degrees, one in Linguistics, another in Economics, Katya was working investment, international trade, and other non-technical businesses. Though she felt it was too easy and not tangible enough…

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How to Choose a Pet Care Service in China 

Are you looking for a great pet care service provider in China and need help? Make sure…

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Miss your pet back home? 

Launched last month check out the new pet sitting platform…

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