Introducing PawPaw Pet Taxi

NEW /// Spare Leash PARTNER

I am sure we can speak for all pet parents when we say that getting around with a pet in the city can be a frustrating task at times but with  PawPaw Pet Taxi, it’s a pet friendly ride, 100% of the time. 

No more doubts on if the driver will reject you last minute, complain about pet hair or have you holding your breath your pet doesn’t toss his cookies up in the back seat. (Happens to the best of us.. .😂)

With PawPaw Pet Taxi, you can transport your pet to and from pet sitters home, grooming or even vet appointments. The best part? Since all drivers are pet lovers and have pet experience you don’t always have to accompany your pet. With a proper leash, harness and dog accessories for dogs and cat carriers for cats they can cruise alone to get to the final destination. 

How does it work? 

#1 Get the PawPaw mini program by clicking the photo below!

Click the photo for more information

#2 Once in the mini program add your pet, your location and pick up time.

#3 The driver will message you a half an hour in advance to confirm pick up time and location. If you ever need to cancel the trip for whatever reason, they will refund the taxi fee within 2 days.

It’s that easy!

More about PawPaw Pet Taxi >>

Pawpaw Pet Taxi was established in Shanghai in early 2021. The founders and employees are all pet owners, and focus on pet-friendly business and solve travel problems for pets and pet owners. At present, they provide pet transportation services in Shanghai. We hope that our service can bring some convenience to the pet owners and make it easier to navigate within the city with the pets.

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