Meet our new Sitter Community Manager: Khoo!

We are ending the year strong by adding another experienced animal lover to the Spare Leash Team! Everyone meet Khoo! Like all of our Community Sitter Managers she started out first as a Spare Sitter and now is helping us maintain and grow our Sitter Community.

A lot of you might have already met her as she is hosting sitter interviews, or have chatted with her on Spare Support, but for those of you who don’t know her we sat down with her this week and asked her some questions to learn more about her!

Check out the fun interview we had with her below: 👇 🐶

Where are you from and why Shanghai?

Malaysia 🇲🇾!!! The home of King of Fruits-Durian. Since I graduated from Singapore with a degree in Fashion, I have lived in Vietnam before relocating to Shanghai because of my husband’s work.

Aside from working with Spare Leash what are your passions and hobbies you do in your free time?

Design> Sew> make pets happy! Previously I focused on weddings gowns, now I customized clothes for furbabies. It all started from the pandemic. Stuck at home with fabrics and a cute dog, I just couldn’t control myself and started making costumes for my dog. Since then, nothing can stop me from making tiny clothes for furry babies. ☺️

We see that you have a dog yourself … tell us more about your pup and how you guys found each other

Some of you have seen her from my profile pic during interview. Her name is Min Min, we adopted her from Vietnam. She is blind due to an accident happened before we adopted her, don’t let her disability fooled you! She has the most sensitive nose and ears. She can spot the tiniest bacon crisps on floor and mailman from downstairs 🥓.

Khoo’s baby

She adapted quickly to new environment and enjoys going on trips with us! We went trekking and camping back in Vietnam and we are doing so much more here in Shanghai! Doga, cinema, water park, ocean park and not to mention all the cafes and restaurants around the city. She is meek but can be feisty when it comes to food. She owns the sofa, the bed, and also my pillows at home. 🤣

What animal do you believe most closely matches your personality and why?

Personally, I think Quokka matches me most. Always happy, friendly and with just the right amount of curiosity. 😉

It is always important to us that our sitter community manager is a Spare Leash sitter first, how do find the transition of being a pet sitter and now building the community of them?

It has been a big change! Previously, all I did was use the platform to accept bookings and check the pending request from pet owners. Since then, I have learned that Spare Leash is much more than just a platform. Behind every booking request, someone is processing each and every detail then our internal team proceeds to match the pet owner and pet with the most qualified pet sitter. It doesn’t happen over a few clicks, it takes time, dedication and attention. 😎

Since you are doing the hiring of pet sitters do you have any tips or tricks for pet sitters who are thinking about signing up?

Upload as many photos as you can! Nothing beats photos when it comes to sharing your pet experience. Besides, who doesnt love cute puppies or kitties? 🐱 🐶 📸

Khoo and her baby

As the new sitter community manager what do you hope to add to the sitter community in 2022?

How about volunteering at shelter? We can walk dogs, clean up their home, give them a shower and then grab a meal together. ☺️🐶

We are always looking for experienced animal lovers to join our sitter team. Apply to become a Spare Leash sitter today! 

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